About Me

It takes a certain type of character to get punched in the face for a living. I’m not one of them, but that’s why I fell in love with storytelling in mixed martial arts. Every fighter has a story and a reason they ventured into the sport, and as much as I enjoy what happens in the cage, my favourite parts are what happens outside of it.

I’ve also found this to be true in other sports. Whether it’s football, basketball or even curling – I’ve found a passion for telling the stories of those involved in sports that aren’t always seen on TV cameras.

I now have seven years of experience covering a variety of sports, although can most often be found working in mixed martial arts or football. Having begun as a volunteer for a non-league football club, I created a media strategy from scratch and was involved in every role from programme editor to English football’s youngest matchday secretary.

I have since gone on to write, design and photograph for regional and national newspapers, online publications and professional sports clubs. And thanks to a variety of voluntary and freelance roles, I have experienced a diverse range of professional live events and national newsrooms.

As well as my love for long-form storytelling, I also have experience producing content for digital, print and radio, and enjoy incorporating design whenever possible. For a full list of my previous roles, please check out my CV.

I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with First Class Honours in July 2020 and now hope to complete a Masters degree in Digital Marketing and Communications.

My main areas of reporting knowledge include: Mixed Martial Arts, Football (England, USA, Canada, Women’s), Basketball (BBL, NBA) and American Football. I also have a keen interest in the development of eSports and I’m always open to the idea of covering new sports.

I am currently seeking freelance opportunities and always interested in a challenge. Please reach out to me to connect!